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How to Remove Stairs and Walls in Dwarf Fortress

The stairs and walls are gone!




Find out how to remove stairs and walls in Dwarf Fortress with our ultimate guide. We’ll show you the difference between designated and constructed items as well as show you how to construct and remove these items entirely. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Dwarf Fortress: Removing Stairs and Walls

Source: Steam

There is a difference between designated and constructed items in Dwarf Fortress. Designated items such as stairs are carved out of solid rock or stone. While constructed stairs for example are built out of other blocks for example wood or stone.

Now, how to remove the items you no longer want there? Pretty simple actually. First, click on the pickaxe icon on the bottom left side of your screen then click on the icon with a crossed-out staircase to the right.

See the picture for more info! After this simply select the items you wish to remove and voila!

Source: Blind

With this, you have successfully removed any and all items you no longer wish to be there and can continue building up your fortress!

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