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Have a Nice Death: How to Unlock Secret Boss Fight Ending

Secret Ending in Have a Nice Death




A feature often overlooked by players in Have a Nice Death is the fact that there is actually a secret boss fight ending in the game. Today we’ll be teaching you everything you need to know about this ending including a detailed guide on how to achieve it.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Have a Nice Death: Secret Boss Fight Ending

Source: Steam

After you beat the final boss in the game for the first time you will start a new timeline in the game. Once you do this, you need to approach a character called “Pump Quinn” after which you will receive a piece of a medallion. The first piece of the puzzle that is. There are 3 in total.

The second locker for the, well, second piece of the medallion can be found in the game shop. Note that to unlock it you will need Prismium. Once you unlock it you will have 2 out of 3 pieces of the medallion.

Source: TomVsEverything

Finally, the third locker can be found once you talk to Jerry in the Break Room. Note that to unlock this locker you need 3 Golden Animas. This is your third and final piece of the medallion.

So, now that you have all 3 pieces of the puzzle, or medallion if you will, you need to head over and defeat the final boss. Jump into the elevator and watch a rather interesting cutscene to start this boss fight.

Spoiler Alert! In this fight, you will be fighting Life herself. A relatively easy fight compared to the rest of the boss fights. Defeat her to finish the timeline and achieve the secret ending!

So there you have it folks! That is the secret ending you get after finding all 3 pieces of the medallion. A cool little addition to an already amazing game!

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