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Dredge: How to Get Different Ending (Bad & Good Ending)

Get a different ending!




Dredge is one of those games with multiple endings, depending on the choices you make and the paths you follow. In total, there are only 2 possible endings in Dredge. The good and the bad endings.

The bad ending is called “Unshackled” and the good ending is called “Sated” both being unique and fun to uncover.

Dive into the world of Dredge with us as we show you how to get both endings!

Dredge: Unshackled (the Bad Ending)

Source: Games With Wavy

The bad ending is achieved if you follow along the Collector’s requests. Upon completing the last request, you will take the Collector to open waters and perform the ritual. This will see the Isles engulfed in a storm, with a giant “Chtulhu” looking monster rising from the depths laying waste to the Isles.

With this, a short cutscene will appear thus finishing the main storyline.

Dredge: Sated (the Good Ending)

In order to achieve this ending, you need to head to the coordinates as shown in the picture above. They are P-10. Here you will need to talk to the Old Mayor after which you will be directed towards Greater Marrow to talk to the Lighthouse Keeper.

Finally, go to the Collector and DO NOT show him the last relic. Press him to get the book from him and return to the Lighthouse Keeper.

With this, the main storyline will be complete and you have successfully achieved the good ending in Dredge.

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