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Dredge: Where to Find the Best Free Starting Gear Location

Give yourself a head-start with the right gear!




In Dredge, you won’t be able to go far without the right gear for your fishing adventure.

As such, if you’re playing the game for the first time, it’s really important that you have the right gear before you start to catch fish.

Luckily, there’s one location early on in the game that basically gives you a starting gear for free. Let’s find out where that location is in this guide.

Where to Find the Best Free Starting Gear in Dredge

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

As soon as you’re done interacting with the residents at the Greater Marrow, all you have to do is head south until you come across a shipwreck right at the shore of an island.

You will receive a prompt stating that the ship looks similar to the one given to you by the Mayor. However, this wrecked ship has a massive hole in one side.

After that, simply interact with the ship and choose to look in the cabin and check the overhead electrical equipment. Shortly after, you will receive a Fisherman’s Note.

Ignore that for now and go back to the previous dialogue options.

This time, select the option that says “Check out the cargo”. Doing so will open the cargo inventory which will then show a bunch of gear from the old wreck.

Source: STAN Games & Tutorials

Here, you will find a basic fishing pole that you can install on your ship by placing it on the bottom right corner of your ship’s cargo.

You also get a weak valve engine which you can install on your ship if you don’t have one yet. However, it’s likely that your current engine is far more powerful, so you can just leave it for now and store the loot on your cargo instead.

Finally, you can get some metal scraps which is a material that you can use for upgrading various parts of your ship.

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