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Dwarf Fortress: Building A Guild Guide

The dwarves and guilds. Know more about them.




dwarf fortress building a guild guide

Up to this date, the Guild Hall is one of the most recently added features in the game. By just simply knowing its name, you can immediately tell that it is as important as the other built structures such as hospitals, libraries, taverns, and so on and so forth.

In Dwarf Fortress, you should also be concerned about making a guild hall inside your fortress. If you are wondering why a guild hall is important, it is because this is where children are starting to learn their skills.

Basically, this serves as the school of the dwarves. The default jobs the children can do are hauling and cleaning. But if you have a guild hall in your fortress, children will be trained to do skilled labor.

Plus, what’s even more interesting about a guild hall is that it can be more specific. For example, you can create a woodworkers guild hall or a metalworkers guild hall, and the like.

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Now that you already know how helpful it is for you and your dwarves, we are now going to tell you how to create one.

Building a Guild Hall Guide in Dwarf Fortress

dwarf fortress building a guild guide2

Creating a guild hall is just basically assigning a zone.

First, you have to look for a space that you want to use. Then, click the zone tab or press z, and click Meeting Area.

dwarf fortress building a guild guide3

Right after that, highlight the area you want to include in the zone, and smoothen out the floor to make it more visually appealing. While the smoothing is still in process, click the plus sign to assign it as guild hall.

dwarf fortress building a guild guide4

Upon clicking New guildhall, a list of options will appear. You can choose whether you want it to be a miner hall, a woodworker hall, a carpenter hall, etc.

To help you decide, hover your mouse cursor on any of those. You will see how many workers are there in this particular job. For example, a stoneworker hall states that there are 5 existing workers and there is still no guild hall established.

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dwarf fortress building a guild guide5

Once the number of workers increases over time while there is still no guild hall built, they will establish a guild on their own. Eventually, they will ask you to create a guild hall for them.

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While waiting for the floor to be completely smoothened out, you can slowly place furniture in some areas. Since this will be a place for children to train, it is better to add a stockpile, make it custom, and add toys. The reason for this is that even children dwarves are attracted to places that have toys.

dwarf fortress building a guild guide6

It is also good if you add some tables and chairs around the room.

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