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Dwarf Fortress Classic Mode vs Premium – What is the Difference?

Classic? Premium? What do these words mean for Dwarf Fortress?




Dwarf Fortress is a classic simulation game, though new players often find it hard to pick up. Even worse is that there are now two editions of the game: Classic and Premium.

This can be confusing to some players. What’s the difference? Which one should you get? Let’s try to give you answers to those questions.

All Differences Between Dwarf Fortress Classic and Premium

Source: Reddit

First off, let’s establish what Classic and Premium mean in the context of Dwarf Fortress.

Classic is the original version of Dwarf Fortress. It has a basic visual style, using text characters for most of its graphics. It’s a very retro experience but is also provided for free.

Meanwhile, Premium is the paid version available on and Steam. This version features a pixelated visual style as well as some quality-of-life changes to ease new players into the game.

Source: Dwarf Fortress

On top of that, the Premium version also adds new sound effects and music. This makes it a more pleasant audiovisual experience overall.

The Premium version also has easy support for modding, thanks to Steam’s Workshop framework. This makes it really easy to find, download and install mods to customize your game.

Overall, Premium is a much more accessible and pleasant experience for most players. It’s the recommended version for new players.

However, Classic will remain available for free! If you aren’t put off by its retro style, check it out. You might just get hooked without even spending a dime!

One last important thing to note: both editions of Dwarf Fortress will get updated moving forward, according to the developers. Classic won’t be ignored in favor of Premium.

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