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Dwarf Fortress: Basic Hospitals Guide

For dwarves, health also matters.




dwarf fortress basic hospitals guide

In playing Dwarf Fortress, you will notice that there are several kinds of buildings and rooms that you can build to make the life of your dwarves more convenient and safe. Aside from that, you should also consider the number of tiles for their passageways as they can also hurt each other when the path is too crowded.

However, if this unwanted event happened and some of the dwarves got sick or injured, you can still bring them to the hospital.

To keep you from further accidents and unwanted incidents, we will help you build a hospital for your fortress.

Basic Hospital Guide in Dwarf Fortress

dwarf fortress basic hospitals guide2

In building a hospital, the first thing you would want to do is dig out some land portion where you want to place your hospital. It would be better if you will position it near the places that dwarves always go to. Also, always make sure to smooth out the floor after mining it.

dwarf fortress basic hospitals guide3

Now, after all the floor tiles are smoothened, you can now proceed on placing beds, coffers, tables, and traction benches. However, traction benches are a little trickier than others. It requires a constructed table, a rope, and a mechanism.

dwarf fortress basic hospitals guide4

Tables in a hospital are as important as hospital beds. Dwarves put the injured individuals on the table to apply casts or first aid. The chests are also essential. This is where the threads, clothes, and other equipment are placed to be kept.

dwarf fortress basic hospitals guide5

Once everything is done, you can now assign it as a zone. Simply go to the zone tab or press z, and then click Meeting Area. Select and highlight the whole area, and click the plus sign to add the location. From there, click New hospital.

After it officially becomes a hospital, look for the magnifying glass icon beside the plus sign.

dwarf fortress basic hospitals guide6

Here, you will be asked to assign a Chief Medical Dwarf. To do this, go to the nobles tab, and look for the position of Chief Medical Dwarf.

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dwarf fortress basic hospitals guide7

On this panel, click the respective plus sign to look for a well-suited dwarf for this position. The list of names of all the dwarves will be shown as well as the skills they have to easily identify if they are fit for this position.

dwarf fortress basic hospitals guide8

After that, let’s go back and select the hospital again. Click the magnifying glass icon again and check if you have the minimum number of material requirements for it to become a functional hospital.

Below also are some specializations wherein you can also assign some dwarves for these positions. However, these are only optional.

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