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Albion Online: How to Get Learning Points?

With its unique approach to character progression, Albion Online depends on many specific features such as learning points. But how do you get them?




Like most RPG’s, Albion Online is heavily dependent on its progression system. Though original, the system is self-explanatory: you use two resources acquired through the game – fame and learning points – to level up your abilities on the so-called Destiny Board.

Fame can be gained by doing pretty much anything in the game world. But learning points are a bit harder to obtain…

How to get Learning Points in Albion Online?

Learning Points can only be used to instantly learn a skill once you’ll gather 20% of the required fame for that skill. They offer a tempting alternative to arduous grinding but are in no way mandatory to complete the game. Because of this, there are only two options to obtain them and both have their pros and cons.

The Adventurer’s Challenges

The most straightforward way to gain learning points is actually not all that straightforward.

First, the player needs to participate in the Adventurer’s Challenges. These are done by filling a daily progress bar with challenge points.

Those can be gained with most PvE activity, such as gathering, fishing or fighting common enemies. Once the daily bar is filled, the players can claim their rewards, which for non-premium players means 10 Learning Points. But you might ask yourself, how do the premium players get Learning Points. Well, about that…

The Premium Way

If you’re willing to spend a some money, a much faster way to obtain Learning Points is to simply activate a premium account.

When you do this the first time, you get a one-time 200 Learning Point bonus and your character automatically generates 20 more every day. Though you won’t be able to obtain the 10 Learning points from daily challenges. However, premium players get better rewards from Adventurer’s Challenges anyway, so it’s barely a trade-off. It might not seem fair, but it’s important to note that they only speed up the process of learning new skills.

Pretty much everything in the game can be obtained by farming enough fame. So, with the right planning and a healthy dose of daily challenges, you should still be able to progress through the game at a nifty pace.

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World of Warcraft: How to Craft Iskaaran Harpoon | Head and Pole Locations

Iskaaran Harpoon can be found in Iskaara, Azure Span





The Iskaaran harpoon is a Fishing Gear that allows players to catch exceptionally big lunkers. Its reagents are Harpoon Head and Wooden Pole. Players want to know where to craft and how to craft this weapon.

Luckily, this guide will teach you exactly where and how to craft Iskaaran Harpoon. Let’s go.

How to Craft Iskaaran Harpoon?

To craft the Iskaaran Harpoon, you will need the help of Tavio, the fishing gear crafter. He sells fishing gear, Fishing gear upgrades, and Fishing spots. 

Tavio can be located in Iskaara, Azure Span. It’s near the Brackenhide Hollow dungeon.

Under Fishing gear, you can see the Iskaaran Harpoon. The reagents required for it is a Wooden pole and a Harpoon head. You can check the box on the upper right to track the recipe even when you’ve closed the window.

Next to Tavio, is a blacksmith. You can craft the required items in that area.

Once you’ve crafted them, you can return to Tavio and craft the Iskaaran Harpoon. That’s all you need to craft Iskaaran Harpoon!

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