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Vampire Survivors: How To Evolve The Lightning Ring

Strike your foes down using mighty bolts of lighting with the help of the aptly named Lightning Ring from Vampire Survivors. Feel it’s not as powerful as it should be? Time for an upgrade!

Iris Ruiz



Most players opt for the Lightning Ring as their main weapon purely for the satisfaction of bulldozing countless enemies with sparks flying from your sprite at insane speeds. Some would even consider it one of the best weapons in the game. While this is true, there is an unlockable potential that would make this weapon of mass destruction much more painful than it already is.

So what’s more powerful than the Lightning Ring? One can argue that it should be good as it is, but for those power-hungry gamers that like a bigger explosion, here’s how you can evolve your Lightning Ring.

How To Evolve The Lightning Ring – Vampire Survivors

The Lightning Ring automatically evolves at level eight, sounds easy right? But there are some caveats: you would need to survive for at least 10 minutes, have the Lightning Ring (of course), and the Duplicator item.

The Duplicator and having the Ring should be easy for most people, but with how Vampire Survivors blasts you with enemies from all sides of your person, surviving for 10 minutes might feel longer than it really is.

Make sure to practice your dodges, casting your attacks, and overall map awareness to make this feat a walk in the park.

Once all these conditions are met, the Ring would then evolve to the Thunder Loop. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fireworks!

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