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Vampire Survivors: How to Evolve Santa Water

The gift that keeps on giving, Santa Water is one of the most enjoyable weapons to main in Vampire Survivors.

Iris Ruiz



Quite an unusual fare from the other weapons in the game, Santa Water’s fun point comes from it’s unpredictability. The weapon causes bottles of holy water to rain from the sky and then leaves puddles of water upon impact. While it certainly does not want for damage, you have to trust your RNG when dealing with this weapon.

Here’s how you can evolve this remarkable weapon.

How to Evolve Santa Water – Vampire Survivors

Evolutions in Vampire Survivors follow familiar rules that are true for all of the weapons. You have to hit a certain level for the weapon you’re trying to evolve, then have a secondary item in your inventory. After this, you would need to survive a certain amount of time for a chest with your evolved weapon to spawn.

The same could be applied for Santa Water. First, it needs to be at level 8 and make sure to have the Attractorb in your inventory. After fighting for your life and surviving for at least 10 minutes, a chest with the guaranteed evolution should drop.

Santa Water evolves to La Borra when all these conditions are met. Keep in mind that if you get a different type of evolved weapon while attempting this, it could be that you have other items in your inventory that meet the same criteria.

You can prevent this by taking out any other evolution items from your inventory.

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