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The Cycle Frontier: Beginner’s Guide

The Cycle: Frontier is a fairly daunting new PvP and PvE first-person shooter. This guide will help make it a tad less daunting for new players.




Starting a new game with a competitive element can be intimidating. This is no doubt the case with The Cycle: Frontier. The game is even advertised saying that it’s full of suspense and danger. This guide will help you get started and give you some tips to deal with the game’s mechanics, other players and regular AI mobs.

Understand Your Inventory

In this game, you have a stash for your inventory. Everything you have goes into this stash and takes one slot for each item. This can be upgraded later in your personal quarters. On the other hand, your loadout has infinite slots but is limited by weight. Every item as an assigned weight. This effectively limits how much you can carry during deployment. Additionally, you have 3 safe pockets slots at the top of your loadout. These Safe Pockets have a very small weight limit which can be upgraded. The main thing is that anything in these safe pockets is not loss on death. This is good if you want to store any valuable items you find while deployed.

Take Advantage of Insurance

Early on particularly, you might find yourself lacking funds a bit. This is because taking out guns, ammo and stims all cost money when you deploy. On top of that, you lose everything outside of your Safe Pockets when you die. That’s where insurance comes in. Insurance can be taken anytime you deploy. For a small cost, you’ll be guaranteed a fraction of your loadout’s costs when you die. This helps mitigate the costs of death greatly and is particularly noteworthy at the start of the game.

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There are 3 main factions in this game. Korolev, Osiris and ICA. All of them are located at unique buildings in the space station hub area. Speaking with the leaders at the front desk allows you to take missions, which give you currency, resources and FP. FP are faction points and will level up your reputation with each faction. This unlocks unique items from each faction’s armory shop, so look at their catalog and choose which faction to focus on. You aren’t locked to any one faction, however.

Get used to Crafting

In the space station hub area, there’s a building with a big crafting sign. You’ll want to check this building out and get used to crafting. While crafting is fairly simple, you’ll have to obtain many resources while deployed. Crafting is a very good way to get better gear in this game.

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Check Your Quarters

Your Quarters is one of the main mechanics in this game. Your quarters primarily allow you to upgrade your inventory and make use of generators. Generators passively give you a certain amount of money, both K-Marks and Aurum, as well as other supplies. You can also upgrade your inventory, allowing you to have more items on your stash. Finally, you can upgrade your workbench to make other upgrades faster.

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Focus on Looting and Upgrading Early on

At first, going up against other players is not really recommended. Instead, you want to focus on looting resources you need for upgrades. This will help you get better gear and such so that you can go up against other players and mobs. Using melee when dealing with mobs is recommended here too, if possible. This prevents you from announcing your position to other players with loud gunfire.

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