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The Cycle Frontier: Quarters Guide

Every player has their own personal Quarters in The Cycle: Frontier. These provide a variety of boons to the player. This guide goes over the benefits they provide and how to improve them even further.




In The Cycle: Frontier every player has access to their own personal Quarters. These quarters can help players to generate currencies, increase their inventories and improving crafting times.

Your Quarters in The Cycle: Frontier

Quarters are located in the station and their functions divided in 3 main sections. Let’s go over each of them one by one.


Generators can be used to generate daily amounts of K-Marks, Aurum and Supply Crates. K-Marks and Aurum are the game’s two main currencies, so you definitely want to generate as much as you can. Supply Crates, on the other hand, provide multiple daily rewards.

Upgrading generators allows you to generate and hold more K-Marks and Aurum. Supply Crates can also be upgraded, giving you better daily rewards with each tier. Generators are located to the right as soon as you enter your quarters. You have to manually check your generators and collect any currencies and supply crates, don’t forget to do so.


Inventory can be upgraded in this game to increase the capacity of your Stash in the Station and your Safe Pockets in your loadout. Your Stash is where you store items such as resources and the like. Safe Pockets are a part of your loadout, which allows you to store items that won’t be lost should you die.


Workshop is pretty straightforward. Upgrading it makes other upgrades take less time. For example, a generator upgrade that would take 15 minutes might take 11 minutes after a workshop upgrade. It’s pretty basic, but it definitely helps save time.

Upgrading your Quarters

As soon as you enter your quarters, you’ll notice a computer to your left. This computer allows you to upgrade any of the 3 previously mentioned categories. Picking any one category will show you the upgrade trees for that category.

It’s fairly straight forward here. Any upgrades with locks can’t be done yet, usually because you lack the lower tier upgrade right above it. Clicking on any upgrade will show you what the upgrade does and what you require to do it. Additionally, hovering over any of the required resources will let you know where they can be found. It’s a pretty straightforward process overall.

If you have all the required resources, upgrades and K-Marks to upgrade, you simply click on the Construct button. It will take some real time for the upgrade to complete. This timer counts down even if you aren’t playing the game, so you can just come back later.

On top of that, you can upgrade your quarters themselves. The requisites are shown on the top left in the same window that shows the categories. Generally, you just need to perform a certain number of upgrades and get some resources. Upgrading your quarters works the same as all other smaller upgrades. Just click on Construct once the conditions are met and wait real time for the upgrade to be done.

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