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The Cycle Frontier: Crafting and Repairing Guide

The Cycle: Frontier lets you craft and repair gear. Crafting can help get some very advanced gear. Repairing will let you keep it in functional shape. Here’s how to do both.




Crafting and Repairing in The Cycle: Frontier

Crafting and repairing gear is absolutely vital in The Cycle: Frontier. Thankfully, it’s also fairly easy to do. Both crafting and repairing can be done at the workbench in the crafting building. Finding the building should be pretty easy, as it has a big neon sign with an arrow that says “CRAFTING”.

When you locate the crafting building, simply go up to the front desk and interact with the workbench. The workbench has two different tabs you can switch between: Craft and Repair.


Crafting and Repairing in The Cycle: Frontier

Crafting is fairly simple. While in the Craft tab at the workbench, simply look for the item you wish to craft. You’ll need to pay a certain number of K-Marks and have the resources required. On top of that, each craft takes real time to complete. Simply find the item you want and click on it to see all the requirements. You can hover each of the resources need to learn where to find them. If you meet the requirements, just click on craft to start crafting.

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