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The Cycle Frontier: Looting Guide

Compared to other similar games like Escape from Tarkov, The Cycle: Frontier focuses more on looting, your character being a Prospector. This guide all about looting should help you get your footing.




Looting is a very important mechanic in The Cycle: Frontier. Especially important for obtaining the many varied sorts of resources required for crafting and upgrading. This guide will give you tips to get better at looting.

Looting in The Cycle: Frontier

Looting is key to getting the many resources you need in The Cycle: Frontier. With that said, the game imposes limitations that prevent you from just simply grabbing everything you find. For example, you have a limited backpack space. That’s why there’s some things you should keep in mind while looting in this game.

Upgrade your Stash in your Quarters

One of the first things you will want to focus on, is upgrading your Stash. This will allow you to store more loot for upgrades and the like. This will also make it easier to save up resources for quests or even store weapons and attachments. Upgrading your inventory is definitely one of the first things you want to do. By the same token, you want to improve your backpacks ASAP. This can be done by crafting.

Make Note of Resources you Actually Need

There many things you need resources for. Quests, quarters upgrades and crafting recipes all require specific materials. You want to take note of which materials you need at the moment when deploying onto the world. For example, if you really need a generator upgrade in your quarters, take note of the resources it asks for. Simply put, you’ll want to prioritize the resources you actually need for your next upgrades, quests and crafts. Don’t waste backpack space on resources you really have no use for just yet.

Avoid Other Players

This is something you want to do, specially as a beginner. Other players might kill you or otherwise interrupt you while looting. You want to avoid them as much as you can if you’re not prepared for confrontation. You can be sneaky here, such as using melee to kill mobs when possible. Melee makes a lot less noise than shooting your guns, after all. This will help you go unnoticed by other players.


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