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Syberia The World Before: Voralberg Sphere Puzzle Solution

Wondering how to open the Voralberg Sphere in Syberia: The World Before? Here’s a step-by-step guide.




When visiting the antique shop in the, well, antique district, Kate will notice a sphere that seems compatible with Oscar’s Heart. But in order to open it, you’ll have to figure out how this contraption even works, which might turn out to be harder than you expect.

How to Open the Voralberg Sphere in Syberia: The World Before

Once you’re handed the sphere, you can interact with its many parts, but most of the options don’t seem to serve any purpose. What you want to do is pull the two small triggers next to the numerical dials on the right and left sides of the sphere.

This will allow you to spin the dials. Using them, you need to input a code on the front of the sphere, over the hole in the front. The code is 293670. Entering it will reveal a keyhole…

The Miniature Element

You’ll need a mechanical element to interact with the keyhole, but fortunately, it is hidden within the sphere. Look at the round hole again and try to adjust the three scales under it, until they align. This will cause a button to appear.

Press it and the mechanical element should pop up out of the backside of the sphere! Now, once you’ll take it and use it on the keyhole, you’ll be able to finally use Oscar’s Heart on the sphere, finishing the puzzle.

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