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Syberia The World Before: Repair the Pneumatic Telegraph Puzzle Solution

Though repairing complex machinery of times past might seem daunting, it’s actually surprisingly easy to do in Syberia: The World Before




One of the missions you’ll receive in the London Foreign Office requires you to use a Pneumatic Telegraph. But in order to do so, you’ll have to repair it first, by using the pressure tanks in the left corner of the room. Though it may seem complicated, the solution to this puzzle is surprisingly easy.

How to Repair the Pneumatic Telegraph in Syberia: The World Before

After the cutscene following placing the units on the map of Europe, you’ll receive new Mission Orders, requiring you to fix the Pneumatic Telegraph. To do this, interact with the three pressure tanks next to the telegraph. You’ll see two tanks connected with a pipe. Your goal is to even the pressure in the machine by adding enough air using the handles on the tanks.

The Right Amount of Air

To get the right amount of Air, first push down the handle under the plus sign on the left tank. Wait until the needle on the left indicator will reach the green rectangle between number 7 and 8. This should also move the indicator needle on the pipe to about halfway point.

Now, you simply need to do is hold down the right handle (the one under the minus sign) of the right tank until the needle on the pipe will go all the way to the right. If you’ve accidentally used other handles, try to readjust the needle positions – the one on the left tank always needs to be on the green rectangle, while the right one needs to be on number 0.7 before the final step.

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