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Syberia The World Before: How to Repair the Automatons on the Square?

In order to finish fixing the Musicians’ Square in Syberia: The World Before, you’ll have to take care of the automated orchestra members. Here’s how to do it.




Repairing the Musician’s Square is a complicated endeavor featuring many smaller puzzles. One of those requires you to fix the three musicians near the clock tower.

How to Repair the Automatons on the Square in Syberia: The World Before?

Though your goal is to repair the three violinists near the clock tower, you don’t actually need to interact with them. Instead, you need to use the three panels nearby. All have maintenance men already trying to fix the automatons, but of course, you’ll need to be the one to do the deed.

The First Panel

There is no way to learn the code to the first panel, but the cover is old and flimsy, so Kate can simply force it open if you hold down the indicated button. To repair this panel, you’ll need to use the mechanical part. You can find one in a red toolbox back in the clock tower, though you probably already have it.

The Second Panel

Now it gets a bit harder. Switch to Dana to see the code needed to access the second panel (if you can’t find it, it’s 1973), then switch back to Kate in order to start the slider puzzle.

This puzzle requires you to move the keys on a 6×4 grid by using the sliders on the left and right side of the screen.

Use the upper-left slider to move the first two kays to the fourth square down, then do the same using the upper-right slider. Now, use the upper right slider to move the rightmost key to the second square from the top. Now use the bottom-right slider to move the two center keys all the way down, leave the left key in this position, and finally move the other one square up. Now change the letters on the keys to display the letters “CGDA” from left to right and press the green button.

The Third Panel

The third panel is much easier to solve but to get to it, you’ll need to move a car that’s blocking access to it. There is a number on the car’s side you can call – it’s 5-123-888-321. This will give allow you to fix the last violinist.

Now, if you switch to Dana, not only will you be able to see the code (9708), but you’ll also see how the panels you’ll be working on are supposed to be arranged! All you need to do is move them to these positions and use the “Schematic Drawing” item to fix the last musician!

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