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Syberia The World Before: Find Junta’s Coffer Walkthrough

When looking for Junta’s Coffer, you’ll be introduced to the character swapping mechanic for the first time, which might make this section a bit tricky to complete first time playing.




Most of the challenges in the Silberspiegel Refuge center around Junta’s Coffer. Finding it – and more importantly, opening it – can be difficult if you are playing the game for the first time, especially since it’s here you’ll be introduced to the character swapping mechanic.

Where to Find Junta’s Coffer in Syberia: The World Before

Junta’s Coffer is located at the very end of the refuge’s attic, among the old furniture. Interacting with it will give you access to two puzzles. Solving them will open it’s upper portion, but getting to the bottom will require more effort.

Junta’s Coffer Puzzles

Both puzzles are rather easy to do. The one on the coffer’s right requires you to finish the image using only the fitting rectangle. Use the middle one on the left and both the one on the top and bottom right.

The second one is a bit harder, both to do and to give any hints on. Essentially, you need to use the dials on the right to complete the picture. You can use the screenshot above to see what shapes are needed, but there’s little else we can help with on this one.

Opening the Coffer

Now, you’ll need to rotate two discs to match the picture on the top of the coffer – again, nothing we can help with. This will unlock two more dials, these ones used to input the codes that will open the coffer. These codes can be found in the pictures from your inventory that match the images on the top of the coffer. The codes are 072 and 108.

The Key to The Coffer

You’re not done yet. Take the items found inside the upper portion of the coffer – these will unlock the ability freely change your playable character between Kate and Dana. When you switch to Dana, you’ll need to take the key to the bottom of Junta’s Coffer and find it under the floorboard on your left.

Once you’ll do it, switch to Kate and search that exact spot. Use the key on the Coffer to unlock the last puzzle. To solve it, you have to switch to Dana again and enter the dark room used to develop pictures. There, you should find a series of pictures that portray very specific things, in this order: Mountain, Goat, Flower, and Tree. This is the code you’ll need to input as Kate to solve the last puzzle and finally take care of Junta’s Coffer.

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