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Soulworker: How to Fuse Brooches

Fusing brooches in SoulWorker is a good way to trade in unwanted brooches for a chance to get better ones. This will guide you on how to make use of the fusion system.




Brooches are an important part of your gear. Getting the right ones can require some luck. But with fusion, you can get rid of unwanted brooches for a chance to get better ones. That’s exactly what this guide will teach you about.

How to Fuse Brooches in Soulworker

To fuse brooches, you’ll need to get Brooch Fuser items. There are two Brooch Fusers, each allowing for different rarities of brooches to be fused. Before we get to the details on brooch fusers, you should know that brooches come in 5 different tiers. From worst to best, these tiers are as follows: Bit, Kilo, Mega, Giga, and Tera. This is important to know because the results of fusion depend on which tiers you fuse together. Generally speaking, you want to fuse 5 brooches of the same tier. This gives you the best chance of obtaining a brooch of the same tier or better.

Now, let’s go over the two different brooch fusers.

Inferior Brooch Fuser

The Inferior Brooch Fuser allows you to fuse five Bit or Kilo brooches together. It doesn’t let you add Mega, Giga, or Tera brooches at all. This fuser can be obtained from the Grutin-o-Mat NPC, Rookie-level Raids, and Grutins in dungeons, among others.

Brooch Fuser

The regular Brooch Fuser allows you to fuse Mega, Giga and Tera brooches. It doesn’t let you fuse Bit or Kilo brooches at all, however, you’ll still need the inferior fuser for those. This fuser can be obtained from the Grutin-o-Mat NPC and Premium Shop, primarily.

How to use Fusers

Now that we know the basics of brooches and fusers, it’s time to detail how to actually use them. It’s actually pretty simple, just open your inventory and locate the fuser you wish to use. Click on it and select “use”. You’ll get a Brooch Fusion window with 5 slots, like the picture below shows.

Simply drag the unwanted brooches to the empty slots. When you are happy with your selection, click Fusion and the 5 brooches will be fused into a new one.

Keep in mind, the resulting brooch will be of either the same rarity or higher. This is completely random, however. But for example, 5 Bit brooches have a chance of becoming 1 Kilo brooch. Also, fuse brooches of the same type together if you want that specific type. For example, 5 attack brooches will pretty much guarantee that the resulting brooch will also be an attack one. On the other hand, 3 defense brooches and 2 attack brooches fused together would have a chance for either type but favor the defense.

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