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Soulworker: How to Dismantle

Dismantling is a way to turn items into crafting materials in the anime MMO Soulworker. Here’s how to dismantle any items you want.




Inventory in Soulworker is somewhat limited. You’ll eventually get to the point where you simply need to get rid of some of your items. When this happens, you have two main options: Dismantling and Selling. Selling is obvious enough, but how do you dismantle items? And why would you want to? Well, this guide will answer both of these questions.

How to Dismantle in Soulworker

Dismantling items is fairly simple. To dismantle any items, head to any NPC’s shop. In the bottom of the shop window, you’ll notice a Dismantle button next to the Sell button. Simply choose the items you wish to dismantle and click on Dismantle. It’s as simple as that.

You can also dismantle with Magical Hammers, though this is generally not really used. Dismantling at shops simply is faster and more convenient.

As for why you would want to dismantle? Well, you get materials for crafting instead of gold when dismantling instead of selling. If you don’t need gold but have items you need to get rid of, dismantling is the way to go. Turn those useless items into useful crafting materials!

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