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Soulworker: How to Get Costumes

What would an anime MMORPG be without a ton of costumes? Here’s how to get them.




There are dozens of outfits for your characters in Soulworker, yet you probably won’t get many when playing the game normally. So how can you actually get costumes in this game?

How to Get Costumes in Soulworker

There are technically a lot of ways to get costumes in Soulworker, but by design, the game expects you to buy most of them using real money in the in-game cash shop. Since the outfits change periodically, it also might be possible that some will only be available for a limited time.

The Costume’s Worth

How to Get Costumes in Soulworker

Of course, the costumes bought in the shop are made to be the most interesting. Not only are they more interesting visually, but some also have a special effect that changes your character’s voice and animations. And the cash shop costumes have 3 brooches slots, the most out of any outfits. Most costumes cost around 10-12 USD.

How to Get Free Costumes in Soulworker

How to Get Costumes in Soulworker

Very few outfits can be obtained without spending real money. A couple is given for in-game achievements, but you can also receive costume blueprints for doing soul sequences. You’ll be able to craft them afterward, once you’ll have enough materials.

Endgame Costumes

How to Get Costumes in Soulworker

Once you’ll reach level 57, you’ll also be able to do the so-called advancement quests, which give you free advancement costumes. Also, some fashion equipment can be obtained by doing end-game raids. Either way, the costumes you’ll receive will still be mostly inferior to the ones from the cash shop.

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