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Soulworker: Memorial Item Locations

Finding every Memorial Item on your own can be a daunting task, especially in a game with as much action as Soulworker.




Memorial Items, also known as Soul Sequence items, are the main collectibles in Soulworker. They are obtained by obtaining them gets you a  free piece of clothing with a brooch slot, which can be used to give your characters a small enhancement.

Memorial Item Locations in Soulworker

Before you start to look for Memorial Items, you should know that they have a random chance of appearing in each stage. So if you can’t find the collectible you’re looking for, you might need to replay the same stage a couple of times.

Memorial Items in Rocco City

  1. Control Zone 43, episode 2 – [Coordinates 99, 140] In the first area of the third section, next to a pile of boxes in one of the corners
  2. Control Zone 43, episode 3 – [Coordinates 140, 111] In the last area of the third section, near a computer left of the exit
  3. Control Zone 43, episode 4 – [Coordinates 176, 187] In the last area of the fourth section, left of the exit, next to a pile of boxes on top of a tunnel-like structure
  4. R Square, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 316, 206] Near the beginning of the level, in the first section, near the balloons left of the metal fence you need to pass
  5. R Square, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 399, 309] Near a pile of presents in the boss area
  6. R Square, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 191, 181] In front of a big fence, right of the portal at the end of the second section
  7. Tower of Greed, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 29, 43] In the last area, opposite to the exit, slightly to the right in the first section.
  8. Tower of Greed, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 216, 77] In section 2, right of the exit
  9. Tower of Greed, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 243, 65] In the second section, near a shop left to the exit
  10. Best Showtime, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 113, 107] First area of the second section, on the left, among floating beds
  11. Best Showtime, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 62, 312] First section, left of the helicopter in the first area
  12. Best Showtime, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 209, 122] First section, to the right of the doorway
  13. Concrete Jungle, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 336, 285] In the third section, between the truck and a fence
  14. Concrete Jungle, Episode 3 –  [Coordinates 295, 285] On the bridge, near a truck to the left in section 2
  15. Concrete Jungle, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 593, 295] In the third section, among the rubble near the right wall
  16. Junk Pool, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 574, 854] Before the portion where you need to jump down in section 1, right side, near a ladder
  17. Junk Pool, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 169, 186] Near the exit of a tunnel, next to a stairway in section 1
  18. Junk Pool,  Episode 3 – [Coordinates 243, 111] In a corner of the small room in section 2
  19. The Big Mouth, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 192, 106] Right of the big cylinder in the boos area, among old furniture
  20. The Big Mouth, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 194, 129] Before a stairway, in the corner of the room next to the cogwebs.
  21. The Big Mouth, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 318, 90] Opposite of the exit of section 3, past the door to the right
  22. N-102, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 78, 215] In the second spacious warehouse room in the second section, near the left wall
  23. N-102, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 228, 253] Near some green vials in the left side of the hexagonal room
  24. N-102, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 432, 176] Right side of the hexagonal room after a long corridor in section 3, right beside the door
  25. Breakout, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 303, 364] Near the left wall of the third big room you’ll visit, near a forklift.
  26. Breakout, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 313, 360] In the upper portion of the third big room
  27. Breakout, Episode 3 – Coordinates 410, 217] Near the right wall of the corridor-like room before the fourth section’s exit
  28. Front Line, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 355, 477] In section 3, before the exit, near a big, brown container
  29. Front Line, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 265, 271] Near the exit, next the metal grading and a big container lying in an odd position
  30. Front Line, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 329, 311] Near the beginning of section 2, next to a destroyed tank, after walking down the ramp
  31. Front Line, Episode 4 – Before the exit of section 4, in a small gap between a truck and a container
  32. NED Company, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 401, 89] In the first room with cracked windows in section 2, next to a desk near the right wall
  33. NED Company, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 210, 271] The second room in section 2, between the two desks on the left
  34. NED Company, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 48, 159] In the first room of section 1, between 2 desks near the right wall
  35. NED Company, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 48, 159] In the first room, near the right wall, behind a desk
  36. Wolf Cry, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 321, 374] At the start of section 3, among the cars behind your starting position, right to the ambulance
  37. Wolf Cry, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 392, 349] Between two trucks in section 3, after dropping down
  38. Wolf Cry, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 450, 351] Behind a van after jumping down near the first gate
  39. Wolf Cry, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 361, 433] Left of the first are of the first section, near between a container and a bus
  40. Cold Rain, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 675, 404] Between the house and a parked car in the boss area, left to the exit
  41. Cold Rain, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 138, 682] Behind a dumpster in section 2, near an electric pole
  42. Cold Rain, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 284, 381] In section 3, in front of the “F Mart” sign
  43. Cold Rain, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 184, 386] At the end of the street left of the exit of the second section
  44. Flame Breaker, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 596, 211] Behind the dumpster left of the exit in the boss area
  45. Flame Breaker, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 569, 272] Between an ambulance and a bus in section 2, right after the small platforming section
  46. Flame Breaker, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 112, 156] Behind your spawning position in the first area of section 1, the path is obstructed by a truck and a breakable fence
  47. Flame Breaker, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 637, 356] In the third section, between a dumpster and a destroyed truck
  48. Area 9, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 184, 396] In the first area of section 2, right to your starting position, near a burning rubble
  49. Area 9, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 325, 608] In the first section, among the boxes and canisters in the area after the four big rooms
  50. Area 9, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 339, 655] In the second section, in one of the corners of the room with 2 levers
  51. Area 9, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 509, 345] In a room left of the exit of the first section, in the left corner
  52. Control Zone, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 198, 188] Left portion of the boss area, near a door and a broken robot
  53. Control Zone, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 485, 208] In the room right to the second round area you’ll get to on section 1
  54. Control Zone, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 132, 288] In the small room right of the big room you first get to in section 1
  55. Control Zone, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 282, 51] In section 3, in the right room connected to the big, circular room of the right portion of the stage
  56. Buster Core, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 341, 113] Behind the three spools of steel wires in the third section, in the upper left corner of the area
  57. Buster Core, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 453, 208] In the small room on the left in the boss area
  58. Buster Core, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 350, 454] In section 1, in a circular room behind the big bridge, near a pile of big boxes
  59. Buster Core, Episode 4 – In section 2, on the right side of the big bridge area, behind stack of big boxes
  60. Cold Revenge, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 240, 90] Behind the stack of steel wire spools facing the exit of section 2
  61. Cold Revenge, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 105, 67] Near a right wall in section one, in front of a big container
  62. Cold Revenge, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 330, 209] Opposite to the exit of section 3, at the end of the shuttle road
  63. Cold Revenge, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 796, 95] In the left portion of the boss room
  64. Forgotten Armory, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 114, 353] Among the big containers in the room with the exit of section 2
  65. Forgotten Armory, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 357, 352] Between more containers, opposite to the exit of section 2
  66. Forgotten Armory, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 697, 181] In the upper right portion of the room with Section 1’s exit
  67. Forgotten Armory, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 798, 133] Between a conveyor belt with a robot and some containers in the room with the exit in section 4
  68. Deep Core, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 239, 280] Near the left wall of the corridor leading to the exit of the second section
  69. Deep Core, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 106, 307] In the round corridor of section 2, along the wall closer to the center
  70. Deep Core, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 685, 207] Next to the right wall in the second round room of section 3
  71. Deep Core, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 520, 329] Behind the round wall in the room with the exit in section 6
  72. Acheron, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 264, 150] Near the broken gate, right to the exit of section 3
  73. Acheron, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 542, 80] In the bottom left corridor before the exit of section 4
  74. Acheron, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 67, 108] In the room left of the exit of section 1
  75. Acheron, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 577, 445] Behind a barricade left of the exit of section 4
  76. Ark Ship, Episode 1 – [Coordinates 691, 600] In one of the small sections at the bottom of the corridor leading to the exit of section 2, along with some small robots
  77. Ark Ship, Episode 2 – [Coordinates 722, 501] In the second small room connected to the corridor leading to the section 4’s exit
  78. Ark Ship, Episode 3 – [Coordinates 415, 500] In the small room along the wall to the right of the section 3’s exit
  79. Ark Ship, Episode 4 – [Coordinates 131, 304] In the small dark room in section 2, at the bottom of a bigger condenser room.

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Grounded: How to Find the Power Droplet Trinket

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The Power Droplet Trinket is an item perfect for the players who love monk builds in other games – you know what that is: punching stuff.  It’s part of the new Trinkets added into the game, accessories you can equip for Special Bonuses. They appear over the backyard and some as random loot drops.

Luckily for us, the Power Droplet Trinket is assured, if you can get to it. In this guide I’ll show you how to get your Power Droplet Trinket.

The Effects of Power Droplet Trinket

The Power Droplet Trinket will grant you Fury, a buff that makes unarmed attacks trigger additional attacks and lets them benefit from perk and status effects, even if they are meant for other weapons.

This is to say, if you have a mutation that enhances Axe damage, this enhancement will also apply to your unarmed attacks.

How to Find the Power Droplet Trinket in Grounded

You can get the Power Droplet Trinket by exploring the brick wall near and up the Compost Box. Get to the roof from where you can see the garbage bags lower down.

Walk over the edge and search through the gaps in the bricks for a mark on it.

Images Credit: JADECRAFT

Drop once you’ve seen it and then go right. Drop at the end of that brick and turn around, this time going opposite direction. Drop down once again; turn around once one more time and walk forward, your trinket will be around here.

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