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Soulworker: How to Upgrade Weapons

Upgrading your weapons is absolutely vital in the anime MMO Soulworker. Here’s how to upgrade, step-by-step.




Keeping your weapons properly upgraded is important in most games. Anime MMO Soulworker is definitely no exception to this. This guide will go over the basics of upgrading your gear.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Soulworker

Soulworker: How to Upgrade Weapons

The first thing you need to do to start upgrading your weapons and other gear in Soulworker is to locate the NPC Trisha. Trisha is an NPC you meet during quests. She’s introduced as an expert on SoulWeapons. She handles all things related to gear upgrades and the like.

Now speak to her and choose to upgrade your armor. A window will open. You should see an upgrade tab, as shown in the picture below.

Soulworker: How to Upgrade Weapons

Simply drag the weapon you wish to upgrade to the circle in the middle of the Upgrade window. This will show you all you need to upgrade. On the bottom left corner, you have all the upgrade requirements. Things like Etherite, money, and such. On the bottom right corner, you have all your Anti-Destruction devices. We’ll explain those more in a second.

Warning About Gear Destruction

Gear in Soulworker, both weapons, and armor, can be upgraded up to +9. However, gear has a chance to be destroyed randomly while upgrading. This mostly applies for upgrades higher than +6. That’s where the Anti-Destruction devices come in. Simply tick the “Use Anti-Destruction” box to protect your gear. This will cost you one Anti-Destruction Device but will protect your gear.

Keep in mind that you can restore gear that is destroyed, but it costs real-life currency. Make sure to use Anti-Destruction devices when upgrading past +6.

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