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Soulworker: How to Unlock Altar of Void

Altar of Void, also known as AoV and Viilor’s Altar, is a lv60 Raid in the anime MMO Soulworker. Here’s how to unlock it.




Altar of Void is one of the raids available in Soulworker. In this raid, players will face Yorhakha. Available in both Hard and Manic difficulties, it can be a challenging raid for new players. But how exactly do you unlock it, to begin with? This guide will go over every step.

How to Unlock Altar of Void in Soulworker

Unlocking the Altar of Void raid is fairly simple. However, you first need to be level 60. It simply can’t be started at all if you’re a lower level. Once you are level 60, you have to accept the quest “Entering the Void” or “Way to the Void” from Tenebris. The translation differs depending on the version. This questline can be challenging if done solo, but it’s not too bad if you have help from other players.

The first part of Entering the Void will require you to complete Meat Factory Ep4 in Manic difficulty 3 times. The second part of the questline will have you doing the Golden Citadel 3 times, as Tenebris asks you to defeat Ultimaton 3 times.

Now, after that Golden Citadel runs, you’ll have to speak with Yumi. She’s selling a Mark of Greed, which you need. This item will cost a couple of million Dz, so get ready for that. This is required to craft an orb item for the questline. Once you have crafted this orb, speak to Tenebris again. This will start part 3 of the questline.

At this point, you have already unlocked the Altar of Void raid on Hard difficulty. Completing it in Hard will unlock it for Manic difficulty too. This is a pretty challenging raid for new players, so try to party up with other players for it.

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