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Sniper Elite 5: How to Unlock the First Rifle Suppressor

Sniper Elite 5 expands on the third-person covert gameplay of its predecessor, giving players greater creative freedom.




Silenced weapons can make Sniper Elite 5 easier to play by lowering the chance of being discovered. Silencers can also be used with some permanent weapons.

You could, for example, equip one of your weapons with a silencer. To find out the unlock requirements for blocked silencers, look them up in the install attachments window.

How to Unlock the First Rifle Suppressor- Sniper Elite 5

Silencers for permanent weapons can be unlocked to lessen the problem of employing found weapons (those selected from the equipment menu before a mission). Unlock the rifle’s suppressor if you want to be a more effective sniper.

This part of the tutorial will show you how to get your first rifle silencer and how to obtain a silenced found weapon.

Mission Two

The game does not enable you to install rifle silencers by default; you must unlock them first. The second mission in Sniper Elite 5’s campaign is Occupied Residence.

In it, you must penetrate Abelard Möller’s chateau, a high-ranking Nazi official who appears to be Operation Kraken’s mastermind. Still, for a weapon unlock and bonus XP, you need to eliminate a specific target.

This Mission Two can let you can get your hands on the first models. In the Chateau basement, go to the armory marked in screenshot 1.

The most direct route is from the side of the moat, which you’ll reach after passing via the old tunnels. One quiet handgun (for close-range attacks) and one hushed rifle are recommended for travel (for long-range attacks).

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