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Sniper Elite 5: Top Tips You Should Know Before Playing | Beginners Guide

The newest instalment in Rebellion’s long-running tactical shooter series is not only the greatest of the bunch but also the biggest and most involved.




There’s a lot to think about when playing Sniper Elite 5  from scouting for enemies, sleeping in the tall grass, gathering crucial World War II intelligence, and dangling precariously from a third-floor window sill of a Nazi-occupied chateau in central France. Oh, and keep an eye out for the new player invasions.

Top Tips You Should Know Before Playing| Beginners Guide – Sniper Elite 5

This article is for beginners to survive and have the upper hand. There are a lot of tips and techniques for beginners, but we will only be looking at the five important ones today.

Keep Your Position and Wait for Invading Gamers To Approach You.  

Expect the unexpected when other players intrude on your campaign. Unfortunately, we have found that player invasions in Sniper Elite 5’s new Axis Invasion mode are so unpredictable that it’s difficult to give specific advice on surviving.

However, if you want to give yourself the best chance of surviving, we recommend keeping put as soon as you notice you’re being invaded. If the invader knows the mission’s order, pressing forward will make your location simpler to find; yet, their primary aim here is to see you and murder you.

Monitor Your Heart Rate

When playing Sniper Elite 5, watch your heart rate as you progress through the stages. When attempting a ranged shot, make sure your heart rate remains constant. The greater your heart rate, the more difficult it is to shoot, especially with ranged weapons, so use them only when you’re well-rested.

Customize Your Weapons

Players in Sniper Elite 5 can customize their guns with various accessories and gear to better suit their battle preferences. Use this system to your benefit. For example, equip a silencer if you wish to reduce noise.

Prepare an alternative stock if you’re having problems keeping your firearm stable. When playing Sniper Elite 5, try a variety of attachment combinations. Change your weapon’s attachments at one of the workbenches found throughout each level.

Master Quick Reloads

Running out of ammo is unavoidable, but reloading as soon as possible is ideal. Use the quick reload feature in Sniper Elite 5 to your advantage.

Once the cursor overlaps the vast area of the reload circle, press the reload button a second time to conduct a Quick Reload. Quick Reload will have you ready to fight foes in a flash.

Use Your Environment

While shooting your opponent is a convenient approach to dealing with them, it isn’t the only one. Some things are destructible, which means that breaking them can kill adversaries.

To avoid detection, use spotlights to electrocute operators, booby trap dead bodies with grenades to deal with curious patrols, and hide in tall vegetation.

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