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Sniper Elite 5: Mission One All Collectibles Locations | Eagles, Letters, Documents and More

There are 19 different artefacts on Sniper Elite 5’s Atlantic Wall, including stone eagles, personal letters, classified documents, and hidden things.




Sniper Elite 5 is the latest installment in the award-winning series, featuring unrivaled sniping, tactical third-person combat, and an improved kill cam.

Mission 1 All Collectibles Locations | Eagles, Letters, Documents and More – Sniper Elite 5

In Mission 1, you can also unlock three workbenches and three starting places. The first unlocks additional weapons and upgrades, while the second unlocks new infiltration zones similar to those featured in Hitman.

Personal Letters 

Personal Letter 1/6: Picked Some Violets

By sticking on the right side of the map, you can make your way to the radar array in the north. Just southeast of the variety, you’ll come upon a medium-sized white shed with a blue horizontal stripe (two soldiers are talking behind a sandbag barricade on the southern side of the building). Kill them and take the letter with the lantern explosive from nearby containers. On the right side, there is a parked truck.

Personal Letter 2/6: Upcoming Delivery

At the Southern Farm, this personal letter can be discovered in the second storey of the garage. It’s near two ammo boxes on the floor at the top of the ladder.

Personal Letter 3/6: Violets Are Wilting

This particular letter is kept in the attic over the garage at the Northern Farm. Climb the ladder after ascending the stairs to the second storey of the garage (where the truck is parked). The hay bales and silenced Sten Mk2 are on the table.

Personal Letter 4/6: Violets Don’t Wilt

This personal letter is kept in the safe at the hotel (code received from the officer nearby). Go upstairs and to the very top. Proceed to the end of the hall and into the right-hand room. Turn right through the door to a smaller chamber with the safe.

Personal Letter 5/6: Pests in the Garden

This personal message can be found on a table in the small pavilion on the map’s southwest corner, almost precisely south of the SMG workbench and resistance hideout and just southeast of the Town Promenade infiltration point.

Personal Letter 6/6: Boches at the Door

The Resistance Safehouse is where you look for Marcel, and Boches at the Door is there. It’s across from the gramophone on the couch below. The workbench is across from Marcel in the Resistance Safehouse’s attic.

Classified Documents

Classified Document 1/4: Resistance Captured

The essential path includes this confidential document. First, to obtain the officer’s keys, secure the Boathouse objective and kill the cop. Then, investigate the records at the objective marker by entering the boathouse.

Classified Document 2/4: Beach Defences

This can be found in the armoury, located in the Gun Battery’s northern section. It’s located right at the back of the green building, next to the two parked trucks. Go near the western entrance and crack open the safe when you get inside.

Classified Document 3/4: Lacking Air Support

This top-secret document is kept in the Radar Bunker safe at the bunker’s core. Use a satchel charge or the safe code acquired on a soldier near the safe room to open it.

Classified Document 4/4: Atlantikwall Report

One of the Neutralize the Anti-Air Guns secondary goal is in the Northern Farm safe, which can be found in the home adjacent to the northernmost AA cannon. Open using a satchel charge or ask the soldier in the AA gun embattlement for the code.

Hidden Items

Hidden Item 1/3: Resistance Photo

On the western side of the town’s market square, go to the second level of the drugstore. The court is around halfway down the main route through town, and it’s immediately to the right of the Town Bunker, which is part of the optional objective Neutralize the Coastal Defenses.

Go right at the top of the stairs and straight across the hall to discover this on the left-hand table.

Hidden Item 2/3: Radio Tin

The radio tin can be found on a table in the barn at the Southern Farm, located slightly east of the dunes in the middle of the map.

Hidden Item 3/3: FFI Flag

This is in the Western Farmhouse’s kitchen, just northeast of the exfiltration zone. The FFI Flag is displayed over a sink or washbasin.

Stone Eagles

Stone Eagle 1/3

This stone eagle may be located on top of a building to the right (east) of the one where you found the personal letter from Picked Some Violets. But, with the stone eagle atop a pillar, it’s off the beaten path.

Stone Eagle 2/3

This stone eagle can be found at the top of the bunker just southeast of the dunes. The bunker is marked on the map as a vantage point, and you can get it at the start of the level if you opt to go to the dunes first.

Stone Eagle 3/3

The final stone eagle in Atlantic Wall may be seen on top of the hotel, located immediately north of (and across the road from) the town church. The hotel is an enormous structure with Nazi flags and a fountain in front of it. You can see the Eagle on the roof from the church’s top, or you may snipe it from the route heading up to the hotel.


Workbench 1/3: Rifle Workbench

The armoury and rifle workbench are located in the Chateau Cellars. The vaults can be accessed from three points which are; the tunnel that runs from the forest’s northern edge via a wine cellar and enters the basement via a bridge; on the southern end of the leading estate courtyard, there is a ramp leading down, and a stairwell leading from the ballroom.

Workbench 2/3: SMG Workbench

On the westernmost area of the map, near the resistance safehouse Workbench #2: SMG Workbench is just across from Marcel’s body when looking for his key in the attic.

Workbench 3/3: Pistol Workbench

This workbench can be found in the armoury, located in the Gun Battery’s northern section. It’s in the back of the green building, next to the two parked trucks. The Armory Key is on the officer nearby when you get inside, and the workbench is in the back. 

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Mindustry – Resource Flowchart

The Factory must grow!

Alexis Ongsansoy



mindustry resource flowchart

The one thing that you should always be doing in Mindustry is to make sure that the factory expands along with your defenses, and to manage your defenses you’re going to need resources, and to get resources you need sophisticated machinery, and to make machines, well. You get the point. The problem is, how do you do all this in an efficient manner? That’s where a flowchart comes in! Do not be afraid as we will explain how everything works from the most basic material to the most elaborate builds so you no longer have to worry which socket connects to where!

Resource Flowchart for Mindustry

Since the game is all about automation and using your imagination it can get quite overwhelming at times, especially if you look at all the lines in the chart provided below. Don’t worry though as a flowchart just shows the step by step process of a sequential order.

mindustry resource flowchart2
Source: Runi

One user from Steam was big-brained enough to make a flowchart of their own to make things a lot easier for everybody else who are either starting out or looking for a more efficient build.

As you can see from the image provided above your industry starts with your drills. You can have your drills gather products or resources like scrap which gives you the option to send that scrap to your Pulverizers or your Melters.

If you look again your scrap will produce a by-product called Slag, and that goes to another machine called a Separator.

Everything is highlighted in the flowchart, Extractors and Pumps are colored green and stand on their own, while the crafting machines are shown in orange. All of the end products are either transported to feed your defenses or go to a container block somewhere for future use.

Remember to use an Unloader if you ever plan to move the items in the container elsewhere!

mindustry resource flowchart3

At the start you may not feel the need to rely on a flowchart as you will be occupied by trying to wrap your head around the basics. But as everything grows so will the need to keep things simple and running. Many thanks to Runi for putting this flowchart together, if you require more information go and give the link a visit: Steam Community :: Guide :: ressource flowchart

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