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Sniper Elite 5: How To Get Don’t Hold Your Breath Trophy

Like other editions of the game release, this features dozens of trophies and achievements for players to earn as you continue on your quest to stop the Nazis as Sniper Karl Fairburne.




Sniper Elite 5 is the recently released sequel to the Sniper Elite Series. Although the game’s layout and trophy structure are similar to previous editions, it returns with exciting new updates like the addition of larger maps, accurate-looking shooting, and an enhanced kill cam.

In addition, the game’s camera system now tracks the bullet from the sniper’s rifle to the target and shows inside the body and the internal organs as the bullet is rupturing it.

How To Get Don’t Hold Your Breath Trophy-Sniper Elite 5

This is a detailed walk-through to guide you in Mission 8: Rubble and Ruin as you attempt to get the Hold Your Breath Trophy.  On this level, the objective is to sabotage the Kraken Fuel system and make the Final shot in St Nazaire without using Empty Lung.

Cut the Power Supply

The first step in achieving this is to cut the power supply. This will grant you entry into the Control room. Once in, head right to the Vault and switch both vaults off.

Turn off the Overload System

Then head right and turn off the Overload System as well. This will sabotage the Kraken Fuel System and cause the system to blow. However, this will alert the enemy camp, and they will begin to call for reinforcement.

Look for the Railway

Continue down the path and head left. Keep going this way until you see the railway, climb up the ladder and find a vantage point to take a shot before the Nazis escape by launching the submarines. Once the shoot is perfectly executed, you win this Trophy.

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