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Sniper Elite 5: How to Get the Explosive Efficiency Trophy

Sniper Elite 5 allows for online co-op, cross-platform multiplayer, and online player vs. player
options of play.




Sniper Elite 5 is the fifth installment from the Sniper Elite series made and available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows, and just like its earlier “brothers in arms,” it is an immersive action, adventure, single-player game.

The player is represented by the character of an army man named Karl Fairburne, who is deployed to the different locations or maps in the game, fighting Nazis and trying to unmask their plans for Project Kraken. The game is set in 1994 France.

How to Get Explosive Efficiency Trophy – Sniper Elite 5

During the gameplay, several trophies are given to the players for achieving different tasks during a mission; these trophies are then ranked bronze, silver, and gold according to the difficulties of the task.

Kill Soldiers

To get the trophy for Explosive Efficiency, the player must go through Missions as well as kill three soldiers with one grenade explosion, and the targets must all be on foot. Please note that soldiers in motion in a vehicle do not count as kills legible for this trophy. 

Mission 1: Meeting Resistance 

It gives a chance for the player to achieve this bronze trophy early on in the game by heading towards the giant radar tower where there are trenches with a group of soldiers huddled together talking. The trophy is acquired with a quiet step and a calculated throw with a grenade.

Missions 8: Rubble and Ruin

It has a fantastic opportunity with an army officer and two soldiers who are stationary enough to be killed stealthily with a grenade. This trophy is, however, not limited to the above missions.

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