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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Dual Blades Guide

With the release of the Sunbreak expansion fast approaching, a lot of weapons have received a variety of new features and skills. The dual blades, in particular, have become a lot deadlier with the introduction of 2 new attacks.




The Dual Blades are highly favored among a lot of Monster Hunter fans due to their very quick attack speed. They are by far the fastest melee weapons to use, and with the upcoming release of the Sunbreak expansion, they have become a lot stronger.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at the Dual Blades and discuss their newly added attacks.

Dual Blades Guide in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Dual Blades feature fast, multi-hitting combos that let you deal multiple attacks to your target in a short period of time. They go well with elemental and status effects. Apart from those, they also feature mobility options that let you evade monster attacks with ease.

What makes them unique is their special mechanic known as Demon Mode. Once activated, you’ll gain increased attack and movement speed, and your dodge rolls now become short but quick dashes.

However, you’ll gradually deplete your stamina while activated, so make sure to manage it properly during combat.

As you continue attacking while in Demon Mode, you’ll eventually fill the Demon gauge. When this happens, you will enter Archdemon Mode. In this mode, you can access Demon Mode attacks without having to activate them.

In the Sunbreak update, you can also gain access to the following new attacks:

  • Spiral Slash – Using your Wirebag, you activate a Silkbind attack that launches you toward your target. If it hits, your body will act as a drill alongside your Dual Blades to inflict heavy damage on your enemy.
  • Slide Slash Combo – This new attack increases your effectiveness in combat. It allows you to attack your target and avoid its attacks at the same time. You can even perform it alongside your regular attack combos for that nonstop assault against your enemy.

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