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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How to Unlock ALL New A6 Monsters

Can you take the 6-star Monster Quest?




Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s highly-anticipated title update 2 is here. New quests, new gear, and new heightened challenges have arrived. The most challenging monsters in the game are known as Afflicted Monsters in Anomaly Quests and the introduction of the latest update means an even more dangerous selection of Afflicted monsters!

This guide will teach you how to unlock all-new afflicted 6-star Monsters. So get ready to dive in and hunt some monsters.

How to Unlock The Bloody Jewel

To unlock the new 6-star Anomaly Quests and Afflicted Monsters, like the previous ones you must raise your MR to a sufficient level. Only when you have reached Research rank 100, you will see the new anomaly monsters appear in your investigations.

The fasted way to level us is to simply capture or slay more master-rank monsters and clear high MR quests.  As you can see in the illustration above, the new spicy afflicted monsters are as follows:

  • Espinas
  • Gore Magala
  • Pyre Rakna-Kadaki
  • Rajang
  • Bazelgeuse

Once you select their name, a sheet containing the information on the quest will appear on the right side. It will include valuable information like the location, reward money, and the time limit required for the quest.

If you’ve reached rank 100, talk to Bahari the Scientist as he will give you the quest. However, if you reach rank 111, Bahari will give you the complete list of all the 5 new afflicted monsters in the 6-star rank as a dedicated quest.

What makes these hunts valuable?

Players want to accomplish these hunts because of the Hunting experience and Usable rewards for power scaling.

The new hunts are a challenge because they are more difficult compared to the previous set of Afflicted monsters. Additionally, this time the rewards are quite good because they can be part of normal builds that make these builds more efficient.

You can get these new decorations you need to get one of the new afflicted material types like:

  • Afflicted Dire Shell = unlocks Forceshot Jewel +4 & Spread Jewel +4
  • Afflicted Dire Claw = unlocks Pierce Up & Handicraft jewels

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