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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: How to Get the Bloody Jewel

Bloody Jewel gives a massive damage bonus for a price




Title update 2 recently dropped on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Players are coming in droves to unlock all the fantastic new gear and items added to the game.

However, certain items can only be unlocked by accomplishing specific tasks and requirements like the new Bloody Jewel decoration.

This guide will teach you how to unlock the new Bloody Jewel decoration. Let’s dive in.

How to Get the Bloody Jewel in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Before you can get your hands on the Bloody Jewel, you must first unlock all A6 Monsters. This will require you to reach level 111 research level to fully unlock the list of 6-star afflicted monsters as a quest.

However, if you just want the new dire parts you can skip the grind because if you have reached level 80, you will randomly start receiving them via investigations. Although reaching level 111 is a guarantee that you will get those quests.

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The 5 new monsters added to the new update are:

  • Espinas
  • Gore Magala
  • Pyre Rakna-Kadaki
  • Rajang
  • Bazelgeuse

These new set of afflicted monsters will only drop two dire afflicted items. The Dire Afflicted Shell is dropped by Gore Magala, Espinas, and Bazelgeuse while Rajang,  and Pyre Rakna-Kadaki will drop the Dire Afflicted Claw.

After reaching level 111 and having gathered all the necessary materials,  go ahead and talk to Minayle the Blacksmith and she will talk about the new bloody jewel.

The Bloody Jewel gives the Bloody Heart Skill. It gives a massive damage boost but it has a risky trade-off of needing to be hit and affected by Bloodblight.

So if you’re the kind of player that gets hit a lot, this might seem like a go-to decoration for you that gives an amazing attack bonus!

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