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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: All New Armor Skills In the New Update 2

You won’t believe the 3 new Armor skills you can get in the new update




The highly-anticipated Title two update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has finally reached our doorstep. These include new quests, exciting Anomaly Monsters, and a couple of new armor sets. With a new armor set, it means 3 brand new skills coming into the game.

So, what are these new skills? Let’s take a look into all the new armor skills coming into update 2.

All New Armor Skills In the New Update 2 in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The number of new Armor skills that were introduced during update 2 is only 3. The new Armor kills are:

  • Intrepid Heart
  • Embolden
  • Buildup Boost

Let’s Take a look into each of these skills, and see exactly what makes them special and exciting in the current update 2.

Intrepid Heart

The Intrepid Heart is derived from the Flaming Espinas Armor set. Intrepid Heart is applied on each hand and leg piece. Specifically,  1 level of Intrepid heart on the Flaming Espinas Heel and Flaming Espinas Grip.

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Visually, it looks great. Moreover, Intrepid Heart reduces damage reactions and damage taken after filling up a blue bar by repeatedly landing attacks. On level two, it even activates an explosion on top of reducing damage received.


This armor skill is suited for Defensive types of players. Especially when you use a guarding weapon since it stacks with the Embolden armor skill effect.

Embolden enrages the monster when it targets you When enraged, you will get a useful defense boost. At max level, you get +40 defense, prolong dodging invincibility, and reduce impact when guarding.

Buildup Boost

Buildup Boost is specifically applied on the chest, gloves, and legs of the armor set. Buildup Boost increases your attack power whenever you land attacks that build special effects like poison, paralysis, sleep, blast, or exhaust.

At level 3, you get an attack boost that is up to 20%. It’s basically a straight-up damage boost on top of applying your deadly status effect. This will definitely be useful for players doing a status effect build.

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Now there you have it! These are the new exciting new armor skills you can choose from the new update. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to gear up and slay some monsters!

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