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Salt & Sacrifice – Smith’s Hammer & Smithing Armor Set Location

The Smithing Armor Set as well as the Smith’s Hammer are a pretty decent set that you can obtain early on in the game.




Whether you want to cosplay as a blacksmith or just want some decent armor set and weapon during the early stages of the game, then the Smithing Set paired with the Smith’s Hammer is a perfect option. This set can be obtained pretty early on in the game, and it allows you to rock a blacksmith-like appearance while bludgeoning your foes to death.

If you’re interested in getting this set, then read below to find out how.

Smith’s Hammer and Smithing Armor Set Location in Salt and Sacrifice

To get the weapon and armor set, you’ll want to head over to Ashbourne Village. However, before you even head to the place to loot the set, you have to obtain the Magnesis Supply first. This will allow you to use and activate ziplines and pulley systems all throughout the game.

As soon as you have it already, start from Ashbourne Village then head all the way left then go up the slope. Keep going until you come across a slope that points to the right.

Follow the path all the way up until you come across some wooden platforms (these will take you to the chest containing the Executioner’s Maul). However, instead of going up these platforms, climb up the slope to the right instead.

Just right next to the castle door, you will find a pulley which you have to interact with. Head inside until you reach Ashpeak Castle. Jump up the platform and go right until you find the chest containing the loots at the very corner.

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