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Salt And Sacrifice – Executioner’s Maul Location

The Executioner’s Maul is an early Strength weapon that packs a heavy punch. It’s not the best greathammer in the game, but for beginners, it’s definitely a solid choice.




There’s a wide variety of weapons in Salt and Sacrifice, each catering to different builds and playstyles. The Executioner’s Maul, in particular, is intended for players who want a heavy-hitting weapon in exchange for a slower attack speed.

The weapon is a Class 1 Greathammer with D scaling in Strength and a 70% damage blocked value. It’s not as unique compared to the other greathammers in the game, but for one that can be obtained pretty easily, it can be a really solid choice.

If you want to know how to obtain the Executioner’s Maul, then keep reading.

Executioner’s Maul Location in Salt and Sacrifice

To get this weapon, you’ll want to head over to Ashbourne Village via a nearby portal. From there, go all the way left until you come across a road that leads to the Root-Ceil Cavern. However, instead of heading to its entrance, go up and continue all the way left until you find a slope that points toward the right.

Just follow the path all the way up until you come across some wooden platforms you can jump over. Make your way to the top of these platforms, and on the left side, you’ll find a chest containing the weapon.

Do take note, however, that the chest won’t be easily visible as it’s hidden behind some pine trees in the background. You just need to press toward the left until an interact button appears.

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