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Salt And Sacrifice – Golden Candle & Bronze Snuffer Locations

The Golden Candle and Bronze Snuffer are multiplayer items that you’ll need in order to play co-op with your friends. However, you’ll have to get them from a certain location first.




Salt and Sacrifice has multiplayer support that allows players to play co-op with their friends for up to a maximum of three. However, unlike any other games that have multiplayer support, it isn’t that straightforward in Salt and Sacrifice.

Specifically, you have to get both the Bronze Snuffer and Golden Candle in order to play online and party with your friends. Luckily, these items aren’t that hard to get.

Golden Candle & Bronze Snuffer Locations

To start, you’ll want to head over to Ashbourne Village. Once you get there, go all the way left until you come across a lamp at the roadside. Instead of going up, go down to find the entrance to the Root-Ceil Cavern.

Inside the cavern, go all the way down until you come across a cliff. Simply drop down straight until you land on a floating platform with an enemy Archer.

From here, head to the right and jump over the next few platforms until you find your way to a small cavern with a lamp on the floor.

Simply jump to that platform and go all the way right to find an entrance that will take you to the Greymoss Mire. As soon as you enter the area, you will find a chest right in front of you. Simply open the chest to loot both the Golden Candle and the Bronze Snuffer.

What are These Items Used For?

As mentioned, both the Golden Candle and the Bronze Snuffer are used for online multiplayer. The Golden Candle lets you search for a Dawnlight Cooperator and then summons him into your game. Meanwhile, the Bronze Snuffer is used to cancel any active quickplay search.

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