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Salt And Sacrifice: Runed Mace Weapon Location

The newly released Salt and Sacrifice is here and people are already grinding for their desired weapons.




Salt and Sacrifice is a classic 2D adventure game where you can explore different unique places, fight ferocious enemies, and finish obstacle courses. You may also locate a lot of fascinating stuff hidden in caverns or in difficult-to-reach areas. Your chosen equipment will play a massive part in your overall journey as you progress into the game.

Runed Mace Weapon Location in Salt and Sacrifice

Runed Mace is a Bludgeon that scales with both Strength and Conviction. It is a melee weapon that is used to inflict damage on vulnerable enemies as well as provide sufficient defense against them. Unlike ranged weapons, melee weapons may possess Runic Arts. If you want to get your hands on one, this guide will teach you where to find it.

Locating Runed Mace

The Runed Mace is located in Bol Gerahn at the Creeping Caves, an area only accessible after defeating Named Mages. Aside from that, you also need to have the Magnesis Supply to use zip lines and reach different areas.

  • Once you have all the prerequisites, follow the steps below:
  • Head to Creeping Caves and turn to the rightmost corner until you are able to drop down
  • Once at the bottom, go left until you reach the zipline
  • Use the zipline to reach the area with wooden railings in the background
  • Head to the bottom again until you see wooden platforms that will break down once you step on them
  • You will find a chest containing the weapon on the left


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