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Salt And Sacrifice – Cleric Armor Set Location

The Cleric Armor set is a light armor set that offers very little protection but grants decent resistance against Dark damage.




If you want to cosplay a Cleric or just want some decent resistance against Dark damage, then the Cleric Armor set is for you. It’s a light armor set that offers very little protection against most forms of damage except Dark.

If you want to obtain this armor set, then this guide is for you.

Cleric Armor Set Location in Salt and Sacrifice

The armor set is located in the Forsaken Gulch. To get to this area, you’ll need to head over to Bol Gerahn. Enter a portal to arrive at a place called Desolate Plain. Then, make your way to the right and head down the cave entrance with a green door.

In order to open this door, you’ll have to defeat at least 1 Named Mage in the area. Once opened, enter the cave to arrive at the Creeping Caves. Go all the way down to the right until you come across a zipline. If you don’t have the ability to use ziplines, make sure to obtain the Magnesis Supply first.

Activate the zipline to reach the other side, then go all the way down to the left until you come across a door at the very end of the stairs.

Enter the door to reach Forsaken Gulch, then simply drop down on the ledge. This will take you straight to the chest containing the set.

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