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Rogue Legacy 2: How to Unlock All Heirlooms | Double Jump, Dash, and More

Heirlooms grant you a handful of special abilities that you’ll surely find useful in the game, including air dash, double jump, and more.




Platforming and running around in Rogue Legacy 2 wouldn’t be as fun as it is without any proper movement skills. Luckily, there are movement abilities like the air dash and double jump which makes it a lot more enjoyable to play. The problem is you have to unlock them first.

To unlock them, you’ll need to collect heirlooms that will give you these permanent upgrades. There are a total of 6 heirlooms in the game. If you’re not sure where to find them, then this guide is for you.

How to Unlock All Heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2

All 6 heirlooms can be collected as you progress through the game. They’re as follows:

Aesop’s Tome – Can be found in Citadel Agartha. Gives you the ability to disable Nightmares and read Memories. If you want to access the Scars of Erebus, you’ll need to get this first.

Aether’s Wings – Allows you to double jump. This can be found in Kerguelen Plateau on the far side of the Far Shores. However, you’ll need the spin-kick ability to cross the water to get to the area. This is necessary to access Stygian Study and Naamah’s boss arena.

Echo’s Boots – Unlocks the ability to spin-kick which you’ll need to access the area where Aether’s Wings can be found. This is located at the top of the tower entrance in Axis Mundi. However, you’ll need to complete the challenge room first before you can even get these boots.

Ananke’s Shawl – Located in Citadel Agarthe, this one allows you to air dash. To get this, you’ll need to find the large statue room and complete the challenge to unlock it. You’ll need this heirloom to access Lamech’s boss arena.

Sun Lantern – This is necessary to light up dark areas of the game. To get this, you’ll have to defeat Irad in Sun Tower first then head over to Pishon Dry Lake. An NPC at the entrance will give this to you.

Void Bell – Causes your standard air dash to become a void dash instead. This allows you to dodge void projectiles and get through void doors. It also increases the length of your dash. To get this, you’ll need to go to Stygian Study. It will be necessary to unlock the Sun Tower and Enoch’s boss arena.

What Happens After You Obtain Them

You can automatically unlock the aforementioned upgrades upon obtaining an heirloom. Besides, you’re going to have to obtain them anyway if you want to progress through the game.

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Terraria: How to Find Every New Critter in 1.4.4 Update

The 1.4.4 update for Terraria introduces a handful of new critters into the game that you can find in various locations.





There have been quite a few additions to the 1.4.4 update of Terraria. One of these additions is the new critters that you can find in various locations throughout the game.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at what those critters are and how you can find them.

How to Find Every New Critter in 1.4.4 Update in Terraria

There are around four new critters that were added to the game in the 1.4.4 update. They’re as follows:


Credits: Waasephi

The Stinkbug is a tiny, flying critter that can spawn in the Forest biome. It’s quite easy to catch using a bug net, and you can use it as bait with a 10% Bait Power. Apart from that, you can also combine it with a Platinum Broadsword in order to create the Flymeal sword at a Honey pool.


The second critter is the Toucan which is a bird that can spawn on the surface, particularly in the Jungle biome. It has very little HP and zero defense, so if you want to catch it, you need to use a bug net. If you’re not careful, you can easily kill this bird due to its low health.

You can keep it inside a Toucan Cage (combine it with a Terrarium) and use it as decoration. However, do keep in mind that the Toucan will no longer be able to get outside of the cage after that.


Cockatiels come in gray and yellow variants, and you can normally find them in the Jungle biome, the same as the Toucan. Also, they have very little health with no defense, so using a bug net to capture them is a must.

As with the Toucan, you can use them as decoration by creating a Cockatiel Cage by combining your captured Cockatiel with a Terrarium.


Lastly, we have the Macaws which share the same spawning point as the previous two birds. They also have the same stats and can be placed inside the Macaw Cage to serve as decoration.

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