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Rogue Legacy 2: How to Earn Gold Faster

Earning gold is as important as defeating enemies and collecting treasures in Rogue Legacy 2. The gold helps you level up and upgrade your character’s stats and you should be earning them as fast as you can.




The 2.5D video game by Cellar Door games has millions of followers that seek to defeat enemies and earn treasures as they participate in different quests. The avatar only gets better at completing missions with the upgrades and to get upgrades, you need gold. Gold drops happen when you break objects and kill enemies, but you can earn gold faster with this guide.

How To Earn Gold Faster – Rogue Legacy

To earn gold faster, you need to select descendants with problematic traits. This strategy is the fastest means to get gold and it works when you’re about to pick the descendant you’ll play for your next run.

The Problematic Traits

When choosing, you’ll have access to things like the class and traits of such descendants that will be carried into their run.

You can predict how the class will affect the gameplay but the traits are unpredictable in how they affect your gameplay.

The traits either give your chosen descendant outstanding abilities and boosts or hinder the descendant in significant ways.

These traits can make the screen blurry when you take damage, modify your hitbox to make it easier to take damage, or prevent you from attacking enemies in the game.

However, these traits that come with the descendants have positive sides to them.

When you endure the problematic traits of a descendant, it increases your chances of getting increased gold amounts to pick up.

More gold comes with more problematic traits. The most problematic traits can get you up to fifty percent more gold for each piece of thing you pick up.

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