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Overprime: How to Jungle and Which Is the Best Jungle Hero to Use

To explore the Jungle gameplay in Overprime, you need to know the basic things about being a jungler and what jungle hero is best. Find out how to jungle and what character is best in this guide.




The third-person shooter action role-playing game has a lot of excitement with the different modes of play you can explore. Of course, the jungle is one of the places you can explore with your jungle heroes, and with the right build, you’ll be dominating in the jungle play.

How To Jungle and Which Is The Best Jungle Hero To Use – Overprime

As a jungler on Overprime, your main aim is to farm the jungle camps. In the jungle play, you must farm as fast as possible in the given rounds.

When farming, you’ll get points traded for other collectibles in the game, and you can get up to 15 – 20 points in the first round of farming.

The game mode will require you to achieve some objectives with your hero within a timeframe which is when your jungle hero’s abilities will come in handy.

Even though most heroes will do the job done, it is still recommended choosing a hero with abilities that are best used in the jungle.

The Best Jungle Hero To Use

Kayla is the best jungle hero to use in farming based on their abilities and builds. She is a ruthless cyborg warrior with the gift of stealth and an illusion plasma to help her attack enemies while hiding in the dark.

She’s also known as the mother of dusk because of her weapon known as the dusk’s teeth. She delivers fatal damage with her blades and evil-turning abilities.

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