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OVERPRIME: How to Play KAYLA Guide | Abilities Overview

Overprime is a third-person shooting game with over 20 characters in which you can put your power and abilities to the test while fighting.




The third-person shooting game includes a diverse cast of characters to choose from and these heroes are divided into different categories like Assassin, Warrior, Ranger, Caster, etc. Players need to choose their favorite hero character and work with their teammates to accomplish their mission.

How to Play Kayla Guide- OVERPRIME

Kayla, also known as the Mother of Dusk, is a merciless cyborg warrior. She possesses the ability to conceal in the dark and attack foes and illusion plasma. Damage from behind is critical to the enemy but she is revealed if she sustains damage.

She has a twilight guide which allows her to teleport to an enemy and slow them down. Here’s how to play the Mother of Dusk solo.

Look For the Minions

Once you’ve loaded a game, you’ll need to go through a portal that’ll lead you to the combat between the red and blue minions.

Because the blue is on your side, you don’t have to engage them; to play her solo, simply place the dagger on the red-health minion, then sit under your tower and farm peacefully until you reach level six.

When you kill someone with a jungle buff, you take their jungle buff with you. As this is a Kayla Solo, every other player or NPC in the game is an opponent for points and collectibles.

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