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Dead by Daylight: New Killer and Survivor Leaked for Chapter 24 | The Dredge

The Anniversary Chapter(Chapter 24) in Dead by Daylight was leaked days before it was set to be released.




On May 7th, 2022, ten days before the publication date, this chapter was leaked via pre-PTB build, exposing a killer and a survivor. In the popular zombie game, there are two things; be killed or survive.

New Killer and Survivor Leaked for Chapter 24 | The Dredge- Dead by Daylight

Many gamers were astounded by the killer and survivor, with some claiming it to be the most stunning leak in Dead by Daylight history. Let’s take a look at the killer power, as well as some perks the survivor and killer have.

Killer, The Dredge, Power- THE GLOAMING

The Dredge is best described as a scary creature with a creepy design and a terrifying mouth. It has the potential to be one of the game’s most terrifying Killers

THE GLOAMING is one of the exceptional abilities. The Gloaming’s cooldown is activated when you exit the locker or return to your Remnant, after which all Power Tokens are replenished, and each Teleport consumes a Power Token.+

Another exceptional ability is called NIGHTFALL. The Nightfall Meter increases anytime a healthy Survivor is hurt, a Survivor is hooked, or the Teleport power is utilized, even if it only lasts 60 seconds.

The Dredge Perks

The killer has amazing perks, one of which is known as the Septic Touch, which causes a survivor to suffer from Blindness and Exhaustion whenever a survivor performs a healing action within the killer’s Terror Radius.

Another is Dissolution, which occurs 3 seconds after injuring a survivor by any means. The last is Darkness Revealed  which allows you to see the auras of all survivors within 16 meters of any locker for 3 seconds when you open it.

Survivor- Haddie Kaur Perks

One of the perks of Haddie is Residual Manifest which grants the ability to rummage through an opened chest once per Trial and will guarantee a basic Flashlight.

Another is Inner Focus which can display the Killer’s aura is to you for 5 seconds whenever another Survivor loses a health state within 32 meters of you. Also, include Overzealous; This perk activates after you cleanse any totem, increasing your generator repair speed by 4%.

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