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DayZ: Basic Base Build Guide | All you need to know

Weathering the storm that is DayZ is never easy but there are way to help. One of these long term ways of helping is by building a base.




DayZ is a popular survival shooting game in which players must fight their way through hordes of zombies and other gamers.

All you need to know|Basic Base Build – DayZ

You’ll be an easy target for players and zombies if you don’t have a base because your base is where you hide all of your treasure and supplies, knowing how to build a base improves your odds of survival.

There are two main types of construction each with multiple stages of assembly. A  watchtower, which can be built up two floors, and a fence that is capable of being turned into a gate.

Gathering Resources

Gathering Resources is the first step. The Dayz game mechanic includes gathering resources such as rags, sticks and nails. However, you’ll need some specialized resources to construct a base.

These resources are typically found in wooded regions and existing constructions. You start with some Rags, but everything else must be scavenged. If scavenging takes too long for you, you can create Rope from Rags instead.

Obtaining Crafting Kits

Players can use fence kits to plan the perimeter of their new base. To get started, follow the steps. First craft Fence Kits with one rope and two sticks then find tools such as shovels, hammers, and hatchets, which are commonly found in farms and industrial places. Finally, place your Fence Kits where you want to build a foundation.

Building the Base

It’s time to construct your refuge now that you have all of the necessary components. Follow these simple steps to build the base; With a Hatchet or Axe, down some trees, build a foundation and erect the fences with a shovel, craft a plank and a nail, equip a Hammer or Hatchet and place them near the fence posts, to make the fence frames and coatings, press X.

Repeat these steps until you’ve completely encircled the area. Then make a Gate out of one of the fences using some Pliers. Once you are done, you can build up a tent and finish your simple base after you have walls around it.

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