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DayZ: Top Hidden Locations You Should Know About

The primary mission of this game is to survive {staying alive}. There are several hidden locations, but we are just talking about a few today.




DayZ is an unforgiving, authentic, open-world sandbox online game where each of 60players on a server follows a single goal- to survive as they can, by all means necessary. 

Top Hidden Locations You Should Know About- DayZ

Different places can be used for various objectives, such as hiding automobiles, looting, or constructing spectacular bases. You need to be aware of a few locations to get the most out of the game. Here are a few secret locations:

Orlovets Factory

The factory in Orlovets is easily defendable and located inland. It adds advantages to the players. Orlovets is a relatively small village in eastern Chernarus.

It is west of Solnechny. It has a possibility of spawning military loot inside of the factory. It’s easy to block doors and defend from the rooftop. It’s located nearby a farm loot spot. It’s great for farming loot.

Krasnnotav Radio Tower

Small military barracks located away from the main area, the Krasnotav Radio Tower is easy to see from far away and defendable.

It has a tiny broken fence line that can be fully reinforced to provide complete protection for loot. It makes a great sniper tower. It also has ample room for tents and barrels.

The Woods

A well-hidden and low trafficked area in the woods makes a great place to stash loot or build a base.

While the map is constructed to have players moving through most of it, finding a good spot deep in the woods surrounded by trees is the safest and most secretive place to build a base. A well-hidden base in the woods won’t be as easily found or raided.

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Genshin Impact: All Primal Embers Locations in Try to Open the Coffin

Opening the coffin in The Secret of Al-Ahmar questline in Genshin Impact requires you to locate and release four Primal Embers.





In Genshin Impact, players can now obtain the questline “Golden Slumber,” which will have players trying to open the tomb of the late Scarlet King, King Deshret.

To do this, players will have to release four Primal Embers and follow them to their corresponding Primal Torches within the Mausoleum of King Deshret.

These Primal Embers are found fairly easily within the Mausoleum of King Deshret, and we’ll tell you all locations in “Try to Open the Coffin,” so you can unlock the secrets of the Scarlet King.

All 4/4 Primal Embers Locations in “Try to Open the Coffin” for Genshin Impact

Primal Ember (1/4)

Take the stairs upward to the right-hand side of the main room. Then, take the far left corridor behind the trap mechanism there. Keep moving down the corridor until you reach the room with the Seelie.

Take another left into a new corridor, where you will swing yourself up to the upper level (Four-Leaf Sigil) towards the direction of the mural there. ‘Release’ the first Primal Ember here, and follow it to light the first Primal Torch.

Primal Ember (2/4)

Take the stairs on the right-hand side of the main room. This time, take the far-right corridor that is near the trap mechanism. You’ll then need to open the door with the Blue Book mechanic in front of it.

After this, follow down the corridor and take the right-hand path. Again, look up towards the mural and swing yourself to the upper level. Release the Primal Ember here and follow it to the second Primal Torch.

Primal Ember (3/4)

Take the stairs to the left-hand side of the main room. Then, head over into the right corridor. On your right side, take the first path. Head towards the mural and glide using the wind currant to land on the higher platform level. Release the third Primal Ember here and guide it to the third Primal Torch.

Primal Ember (4/4)

Take the stairs to the left-hand side of the main room. Head instead toward the left corridor. Keep an eye out for the mural on the left-hand side and swing yourself up to the upper level using Four-Leaf Sigil. Here you can release the fourth and final Primal Ember.

Some guides may indicate the Primal Embers done in different order, which doesn’t matter – as long as you are able to release all four, you’ll be able to complete the objective and quest.

After you’re located all four Primal Embers at their respective locations and released them to their Primal Torches, a cutscene will be played involving the opening of the coffin.

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