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Subnautica Below Zero: Important Location Guide

Subnautica: Below Zero will have you venture out into different locations in order to progress the game’s story. This can be quite confusing for new players, so I’ve created this guide to help with that.




Just like the previous title, Subnautica: Below Zero will involve exploring a number of locations in your quest to solve the mystery of the planet you’re in. This time, you’re on the arctic planet of 4546B in order to solve the mystery behind the tragic accident that led to the death of the main character’s sister.

In order to do that, you’ll have to find clues across various locations throughout the game. We’ll go through all of those locations and provide you with some information regarding what you can expect there.

Important Location Guide in Subnautica: Below Zero

There are several important locations in the game you have to visit to make progress. They’re as follows:

Outpost Zero

Outpost Zero is the first major location in the game which you can find northeast from the pod. There, you can find a number of stuff such as the blueprint for the Water Filtration Machine as well as some Lantern fruits, among others.

Delta Station

Located south of your pod, the Delta Station contains the Data Box with the blueprint for Scanner Room. Apart from that, you can also find two scannable posters depicting Alterra’s bounty for Architect Artifacts as well as a map of Sector Zero.

Phi Robotics Center

The Phi Robotics Center can be accessed via a large cave located in Glacial Basin. It used to contain the robotics division and was also the place where Spy Pengling was manufactured.

Here, you can find two Snowfox Hoverpads as well as a handful of stuff including tons of scannable items and some fragments.

Marguerit Maida’s Base

This location is a Seabase which, as the name implies, was once occupied by Marguerit Maeda. To access the location, you have to enter a cave located on top of a large rock pinnacle underneath the Purple Vents biome.

Inside the base, you can find a handful of stuff including a Snowfox Fragment, a Seatruck Perimeter Defense Upgrade, as well as a Reaper Leviathan that’s hanging on a wall.

There’s also the second room which is guarded by a Snow Stalker pet if you come here early. However, once you complete the quest to sabotage the Communications Tower, you can then head inside and scan a number of things.

Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves is a massive biome that grants you access to the Fabricator Caverns. You can access it either via the Purple Vents or the Tree Spires. However, extra caution should be taken when exploring this area as there are two Shadow Leviathans that roam the surroundings.

If you can manage to avoid these predators, you’ll be rewarded with a handful of valuable resources such as Gold and Kyanite.

Koppa Mining Site (Prawn Suit Location)

The Koppa Mining Site is located beneath the Delta Island, and it’s home to a number of technology left behind by the Alterra Corporation. Among the most notable technology include the Thermal Plants as well as the Prawn Suits.

To access this location, you have to head to the Thermal Spires which can be found on the western side of Delta Island. You’ll need to go 150 meters deep to find a partially-opened main door which is enough for you to squeeze through.

Marguerit’s Greenhouse

Marguerit’s Greenhouse is yet another base used by Marguerit Maida. It can be found on a large iceberg located southeast of the East Arctic biome. If you come here early enough, you’ll find that the door is locked and can only be opened once you have managed to hijack the Communications Tower.

Inside, you can find tons of edible flora such as Small Marblemelon, Chinese Potato, Preston’s Plants, and Horseshoe Shrub.

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