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Overprime: Best Hunter Build Guide | How to Win More

Overprime features various unique heroes with different abilities you can use.




Overprime is a new strategy-based free-shooter game by MOBA. You can dominate the Overprime by choosing one of the numerous distinct heroes with remarkable abilities. You can also partner up with other heroes to conquer battlefields.

To ultimately maximize your hero’s potential, you need to obtain the best items. This article will show you one of the best hero builds you can use to play the game with ease.

Best Hunter Build Guide in Overprime

Like every other TPS action game, heroes in Overprime also need the best items to fully maximize their potential.

In the current meta, one of the finest heroes is within the Hunter/Assassin/Ranger class. This guide covers the best hunter build in-game—one that lets you obliterate enemies on sight.

Creating the Best Hunter

For this build to work, we highly recommend you use Scud. Why? He can take down enemies from great distances and is best used in long-ranged combat or as a sniper.

To maximize his best setup, you will need to obtain the following five key items:

Berserker’s Curse: increases lifesteal +15% when your health is 41% or lower

Blade of the Huahn: increases movement speed +30% for 5 secs

Shortsword of Decay: decreases a target’s physical defense -20% for 4 secs

High Wind Spirit’s Bow: increases movement speed +20% for 1 sec

Treasured Sword of the Kingdom: gives 75 physical power, 25% crit rate, and another 25% crit damage

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