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Marauders: Top Tips to Help You Become a Better Marauder | Beginner’s Guide

The Marauders is a soon-to-be-released game that a lot of players are already anticipating.




Marauders is a third-person starship piloting and combat game featuring PVP and PVE combat, looting, and weapon mod focus. Each map has at least one raidable area filled with enemies and loots for you to take. If you’re new to this type of game, this guide is perfect for you!

Top Tips to Help You Become a Better Marauder in Marauders

This Marauders beginner’s guide will teach you how to play the game as a newbie, as well as give you some wisdom from other players who have the game’s closed alpha access to help you become a more competitive player. But more importantly, to help you not get wrecked right away.

Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips to get you started in Marauders:

Out of Money: check the Rustbucket in your Hangar for free gears you can use for raids, or extract it and make money

Hitboxes: There are currently three hitboxes to keep in mind. You will have different modifiers for your weapons depending on which zone you hit:

Head and neck

Torso, arms, and hands

Legs and feet

Armor: Pay close attention to armor value found on the top left corner of your item and make sure you’re heavily protected.

Crafting Materials: buy items from the vendor and scrap them to make your life easier

Empty Guns: buy or extract guns, and empty ammo (will not work during a raid)

Steal Ships: Killing captains on a raid will reward you with their keycard. Swap the keycard with your keycard to summon the new ship.

Docking Bays: Interact with terminal to know if a docking bay is occupied. Alternatively, you can steal ships by killing the captain.

Exit Raid: you can only get back to your ship in the same Docking Bay you used to enter. If you can’t find it and your oxygen is low, you can use escape pods, but you will end up losing your ship.

Vaults: High-tier loots are mostly found in vaults; keep a close eye on one.

Spot Enemy Ships: Ships have a yellow glow surrounding them.

Drop Pods: You can easily eliminate drop pods after they use their booster.

Expand Stash: Learn the recipes for storage boxes or use prestige points to expand your stash for more slots.

Ship Stash: All ships have storage boxes, which you can access from your lobby menu. In the game, the box is located on your ship’s airlock.

Health: Make use of bandages, first aid kits, food, and other special healing supplies.

Pain: This is a status effect that needs methamphetamine, morphine, and other special health items to heal.

Fatigue: A status effect that occurs the longer you stay in a raid. Make sure to check the stamina bar from time to time.

Breaching Damage: You will take a small amount of damage every time you breach a ship.

Locked Doors: These are the best looting spots; check for coins, war papers, and safes.

Velocity: Take note of bullet velocity in close-range combat.

Repairs: check your gear’s durability as they can break mid-raid if you don’t. You may have your gears repaired in the lobby, which will cost you money.

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