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Marauders: Colony Cruiser Vault Location

Learn how to find the vault in this ship type!




The Colony Cruiser is a raid-able ship type added in the United Allies update for Marauders.

It has a somewhat confusing layout, thanks to the number of stairs it has. It can be difficult to traverse without help, especially considering that your oxygen acts as a time limit!

In this guide, we’ll detail the overall layout of this ship to make it easier to reach the vault and claim the loot inside.

Where to Find the Colony Cruiser Vault in Marauders

Source: RogueMonkeyJr.

This cruiser can be a tad strange to get used to at first, due to how many stairs it has, but it helps to see it as just one large rectangle.

Let’s start from the Reactor area, which is at the back of the ship.

Source: RogueMonkeyJr.

Face the reactor and go through the walkway on the right, taking the stairs down. Hug the circular wall to your left until you end up seeing a door marked as the Armoury.

Go opposite the armory and follow the stairs until you see the Pod Bay in front of you. Turn around and head into the Hibernator Site and Med Bay.

Find the door marked as Recreation and keep going left until you reach the door with the red light. Now turn right and go into the hallway with the blue light. Turn left and you will reach the Bridge.

Reach the frontmost part of the bridge and you should see an archway marked as Vault Access. Go through and keep heading forward and you will eventually reach the vault.

You can open and close the vault at any time, too! You don’t need to find the key for it or anything like that.

We hope this helps you get used to the Colony Cruiser’s layout so that you can find the vault with ease. As you can see, it’s very close to the bridge area which is at the front end of the cruiser.

It should be easy to reach if you find the reactor and follow the instructions, at the very least!

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