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Best Settings to Use in Marauders After Update

Make the best of your game with the right configuration.




Marauders recently got the new United Allies update which is a pretty substantial change. It likely changed your settings too, so you’ll have to reconfigure some things.

In this guide, we’ll tell you which are the best settings to use in this version of the game.

Best Settings for Marauders United Allies Update

Source: Marauders

Starting with the Video settings menu, you should make sure that your resolution is set to your display’s native resolution which is usually 1920×1080.

You also want Window Mode to be set to either Borderless or Fullscreen. These will guarantee that the game uses your entire screen while gaming.

Source: l3l Nova

If you’re aiming for the best FPS, you should set the highest Frame Rate Limitation available and disable Vertical Synchronization.

You might also want to disable Motion Blur as it just makes the image blurrier. Additionally, set your FOV to a level that’s comfortable for you.

The max FOV is currently 100, which is close to what most PC gamers are comfortable with. Sadly, it can’t go any higher.

As for the Graphics settings, you should set everything to Low other than Shadow Quality if you’re trying to maximize performance.

Shadow Quality on Low will make everything too dark or too bright, so you should make sure to keep it at Medium or High.

For the Audio settings, there’s not much to change, but we recommend tuning down Music and UI volume. This will allow you to hear the sound effects in-game better.

Lastly, the Controls settings will largely depend on your preferences and setup, especially Mouse Sensitivity. Every mouse is different, just like how every game has different preferences.

We do recommend setting Crouch Type to Toggle as it’s more reliable and comfortable.

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